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Tim Andrews - "Over the Hill"

Tim Andrews is an amazing guy and a bit of a legend amongst photographers. 

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease some eleven years ago and had to stop working as a solicitor as the disease progressed. However through various coincidences he started a project called 'Over the Hill' in which he volunteered himself to photographers as a willing model and blank canvas for their photographic musings.

This has resulted in 420 photographers creating portrait with him over the past 9 years. 

I met him by chance at the Portrait Salon exhibition, where one of my photos was on display and two portraits of him were on show. I had been aware of him both through my work with Parkinson's UK and having seen his image in may exhibitions and had often thought that I should get in touch to take his portrait. Sarah Lee introduced us and we chatted for a while and exchanged details.

Some months later I eventually got round to photographing him. I chose a studio location as i wanted to use coloured lights for his portrait. He was a very willing model and we had some great conversations about dealing with loss and preserving memories. As with a lot of people that I have met with Parkinson's disease, he was very motivated to be active in his life. The "Over the Hill" project gives him strength even though it obviously was a tiring experience traveling to and being photographed by so many. 

The above triptych is the result. I liked the idea that the red green and blue (RGB) of a colour photo had somehow gone wrong and three images became independent. I also liked the different emotional tones that each of them have, different phases or different moods, which is all very typical of people that have Parkinson's.

Tim is in a unique position of having been photographed by so many photographers that are all exercising their creative reaction to him, without any agenda or any external direction or motivation. A photography project in its purest form, and I'm so glad that I have been part of it. Thanks Tim.

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