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Parkinsons - In my shoes

I have been shooting for

Parkinson's UK

for a couple of years now and its always surprising how random this terrible disease is. It causes widely different symptoms and difficulties doing simple everyday tasks, that really affect your quality of life. However the people with Parkinson's that I have met, have been amazingly strong and fight on despite their deteriorating health.

This was a small mini campaign that was launched to coincide with Parkinson's awareness week. It was called "Put yourself in my shoes" -

I also went to visit the three case studies, who's stories were related to the shoes.

Ken 66, is a keen fly fisherman and recently went no a trek to Peru to raise money for Parkinsons UK. He was diagnosed 9 years ago.

Koki use to love going out and dancing but now she struggles just to get down the stairs. She was diagnosed when she was 46.

Ward is scared to leave the house as he find it very difficult to walk and trips up easily. He has perfected a technique of swinging round the stairs to help him move. 

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