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The NHS at 70

I was lucky to have access to photograph at the Accident and Emergency department at the Royal Hospital London in Whitechapel and shadow nurse in charge, Holly, during her busy day.

This was for a story about the NHS's 70 anniversary, since its creation.

The level of emergency care was amazing! Teams of 10+ Doctors and Nurses suddenly assembling for the arrival of the air ambulance with a critical patient. They all gathered round the patient on arrival and listened to the air ambulance paramedic pass on vital information. Then on mass and quickly, running through test and emergency procedures to save the woman's life.

They stabilised her and after a couple of hours she was ready to be moved to the ward, and even conduct a brief interview with us too.

The day continued with waves of calm before another emergency. The police and paramedics were also often around as they were following the cause of the injury, whether road accident, stabbing, or anti social behaviour.

The terminology in the A&E was often confusing "Pedestrian vs Car injury" or maybe its very clear.

Working in A&E is obviously exhilarating, but also very physically and emotionally exhausting. The doctors and nurses showed incredible compassion and patience, despite many shocking and upsetting scenes.

Long live the NHS!

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