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Naked Face on show

This is Em Ford who is a Video Blogger and makeup expert. Her vlog shows her makeup technics used to conceal acne and blemishes on your face and build confidence in your apearance. However after posting for a while she started to get hate mail from people that felt that she was being deceptive and disgusting!!! She confronted the cyber bullies with this  brilliant video that has had more than 17 Million views on youtube. 

'You Look disgusting'   

This portrait was  shot for Grazia magazine and despite the daunting prospect of millions of people seeing your 'naked' face in print she was strong and proud.

The portrait above is also in the Photofusion Salon exhibition opening tonight and running till January. It has already been shown at The Portrait Salon at the Embassy Tea rooms and will be traveling with the show to Japan in the new year.

The photo bellow is of her after she had applied her normal makeup and the difference is dramatic, a mask that society is comfortable with and an idea of beauty that is familiar. Though I much prefer her radiance and intensity in the naked one.

What do you think?


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