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Alex Salmond - Two doors

Alex Salmond impressive drive for Scottish independence is now over and he has decided to step down.

I was lucky enough to do a portraits of him for The House of Commons perminant collection a while back. I was hoping to shoot him at the house of commons but dues to his obviously busy schedule, we ended up doing the shoot at Duff house, in Banff, Aberdeenshire where his constituency is. 

He's was very charming and a bit of a joker too, though I'm sure this was his way of measuring people up. He came across as a bit Machiavellian, but he was also happy to play along with my requests.

All the shots in the House of Commons series here were shot in 'in-between' spaces in parliament - lobby areas where informal political agreement were done. But as we were shooting in a country house in Aberdeenshire this was a bit more tricky to achieve.

Luckily the place was decorated in blue tones, and had slightly odd double doors. I set him up with both an open door, but also a closed door behind him with one of my light beyond it to give a sense that something hidden was happening within.

The rest is just him and his little Scottish lapel flag.

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